PA PA PAA: Teach About Fairtrade and Cocoa Comic relief KS2, KS3

shop: I grow, You buy

Write a letter about the impact of your shopping choices to a child in Ghana

Planning the lesson

This lesson involves writing a letter to a child in Mim village about being a chocolate consumer in the UK.


(10 minutes)

Kaupa Sophi2 Give students some Fairtrade chocolate to try and ask them to think about the people who grew the cocoa whilst they are eating it.

Remind students about the letter they read from Lynda who lives in Mim village, Ghana and whose parents grow cocoa.

Tell them that they are going to pretend they are writing back to Lynda, telling her what they have learned about Fairtrade and how their own shopping decisions can make her life better.

Remind students of the conventions of letter writing.

Discuss what they think they might want to tell Lynda about themselves and their shopping choices. (back to top)

Main activity

(30 minutes)

Use Interactive: Letter from Lynda or distribute Lynda’s letter. Read it aloud ask a student to read it.

Distribute Printout: Kuapa Kokoo: good cocoa farmers and ask students to read it to remind themselves of the key facts about cocoa farming in Ghana and Fairtrade chocolate.

Ask the students to pretend they are writing back to Lynda (on paper or computer), telling her what they think about Fairtrade chocolate and asking her about her life. They can also include things about their own lives.

Ask students to underline or highlight the two most important points they have made in their letter to Lynda.


(10 minutes)

Ask the class to feed back their two most important points. Capture these on a flipchart as a summary of their learning to date.


Ask students to swap letters and then reply back as if they were Lynda. They might imagine that time has passed and that the benefits of Fairtrade chocolate have continued to help Lynda, her family and Mim. What has changed? (back to top)