PA PA PAA: Teach About Fairtrade and Cocoa Comic relief KS2, KS3

Trade: A fair deal?

Compare the lives of ordinary farmers and members of Kuapa Kokoo:

Planning the lesson

This lesson involves comparing the lives of members and non-members of a Fairtrade farming collective and completing a comparison chart.


(10 minutes)

marching with bannerIntroduce students to the characters by quickly showing them Photos: Cocoa people or Interactive: Cocoa people.

Establish that these are all real people at the beginning of the chocolate journey. They live in Mim village or nearby and some belong to the Ghanaian organisation Kuapa Kokoo, which means 'good cocoa farmers'. (back to top)

Main activity

(40 mins)

Explain that Kuapa Kokoo is an organisation that brings many benefits to the farmers that belong to it. The students are going to work together to find out what these benefits are by reading what the six people have to say.

Divide the class into groups of six and give each group a set of character cards from Printout: Cocoa people and give every student a copy of the comparison chart.

Character cards
Each student should take a character card. (Gender doesn’t matter – note that there are only two females.)

Ask them to read the card quietly to themselves and put up their hand if there is anything they don’t understand or cannot read.

When everyone has had the chance to familiarise themselves with their card, ask them to take it in turns reading it aloud to the group.

Comparison chart
When everyone has read their cards, ask each student to fill in the comparison chart as well as they can.

If there is anything they cannot remember, they can ask the group if any of their characters have any relevant information to share again.


(10 minutes)

Run through the comparison chart together to check that students have picked up the right information. Which kind of farmer would they prefer to be? Can they see how Fairtrade benefits cocoa farmers and their communities?


Using reference books or the Internet, ask students to find out about the work of the Fairtrade Foundation and what other Fairtrade products there are. They should report back to the whole class. (back to top)