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Welcome to Pa Pa Paa for Key Stage 2!

Right here is everything you need to teach your primary students about Fairtrade and chocolate

About This Website

FB Kim NaylorThe information and activities on this website trace the journey from cocoa beans, grown by farmers in Ghana, to the chocolate bars we buy in the shops.

The journey is designed to show the impact our consumer decisions can have on growers in economically developing countries and to show that buying Fairtrade can make a substantial positive difference to the lives of producers and their families.

The website is divided into six sections, each with 2-3 lesson plans.

What do we aim to show?

If all the activities are carried out, students will learn that:

  • their favourite chocolate bar may have started life in Ghana
  • there are real people at every stage of the chain that brings chocolate to the shop
  • at the start of this chain are the cocoa farmers whose daily lives are often hidden from us
  • many of these cocoa farmers don’t earn enough for even the bare essentials
  • students themselves can make a real difference through their shopping

To borrow from the Key Stage 2 framework for PSHE and Citizenship, we hope that by working on these activities your students will develop their sense of social justice and moral responsibility and begin to understand that their own choices and behaviours can affect local, national or global issues. (back to top)


All lesson plans and worksheets are available on the site as PDFs to download and print. Please remember that these will need to be printed and photocopied in advance of lessons. Lesson plans indicate whether the activities are designed for individual, pair or group work.

You can work through the menu along the top of this page, from left to right, starting with 'Info'.

If you do not have time to cover all the activities on the site, focusing on the following will ensure that you get the message across:

The free lessons on the Pa Pa Paa website can be complemented with a paid-for companion DVD and photo pack.

The photo pack contains 20 high quality A4 images illustrating the cocoa journey from bean to bar. These photos can also be downloaded and printed for free from the website.

The DVD has a 35 minute modular film explaining how cocoa is harvested, traded, processed and retailed, and how one school used Fairtrade chocolate to launch an awareness campaign. It is presented by television presenter and wheelchair basketball player Ade Adepitan.

You can also sign your school up to Pa Pa Paa LIVE, a website with videos made by young people from two schools in Ghana.


As well as inspiring your students to make a difference, this site will help you deliver the National Curriculum in Citizenship, Geography, Religious Education, PSHE, Literacy and Numeracy.

The first three sections focus particularly on Geography and Citizenship, and include links to Numeracy, Literacy and ICT.

The final section brings learning together in two consolidation activities.

Clear learning objectives and detailed curriculum links (to National Curriculum) are included throughout.

We also hope you won’t stop here. There are lots of other teaching resources available you can use to follow on from this site. See the Links page. (back to top)