PA PA PAA: Teach About Fairtrade and Cocoa Comic relief KS2, KS3

Think: Make a rap

Create a rap to promote the benefits of Dubble chocolate and other faitrade products

Planning the lesson

This lesson involves devising, writing and performing a rap for Comic Relief’s Dubble Fairtrade chocolate. It is based on a competition originally run by Divine Chocolate and Comic Relief.

This lesson can be used instead of (or as well as) lesson 5A: Make an ad.


(10 minutes)

PhilipKumeah_KimNaylorPlay some examples of rap music, including the MP3s of the Dubble Rappas competition winners below. Ask young people to record (e.g. in a mind map or a poster) what the raps are about, and how they make them feel, and could possibly make them act in the future.

1. Dubble Rappas: Ablaze and Shudda (overall winners + 11-14 age group)
Lyrics for Ablaze and Shudda rap
2. Dubble Rappas: Richard (15-18 age group winner)
3. Dubble Rappas:Bradley and Philip (6-10 age group joint winners)
4. Dubble Rappa: Jamie, Jade and Liam (6-10 age group joint winners)
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Main activity

(35 minutes)

Distribute Printout: Rap unwrapped and read through the first section on the history of rap with students.

Then read and discuss what top rapper, Shystie, has to say about rap and how it can be used to promote worthwhile initiatives such as Fairtrade.

Divide class into pairs and ask them to read Shystie’s top tips and then to see if they can make up their own rap about Dubble chocolate and Fairtrade.


(10 minutes)

Perform raps in front of class or in an assembly.


Get your students to perform their raps in assembly. Get feedback about their message from other students.

Record your students’ raps.

Design a CD cover, or graphic for an MP3 download, or flyer for your group’s raps. Display the designs as a gallery on a wall. Provide headphones so people can listen to any recordings you might have made of the raps.

Send your group’s raps to a local radio station. Offer yourself or one of the young people up to be interviewed and try and start a local debate on Fairtrade.

Run an MC competition, where young people perform their raps and are judged on delivery and content. (back to top)