PA PA PAA: Teach About Fairtrade and Cocoa Comic relief KS2, KS3

Think: Make an ad

How do you interest others in fairtrade chocolate? Devise an ad for Dubble. Watch the adverts on Dubble TV. Click here to watch the ads on the Dubble site.

Planning the lesson

Pete Pattisson - Juliana DansoThis lesson involves devising, storyboarding and performing an ad for Comic Relief’s Dubble Fairtrade chocolate. It is based on a competition originally run by Divine Chocolate and Comic Relief. You can see the final ads made in that competition on the Dubble website.

Delivery alternatives: 

This lesson can be used instead of (or as well as) lesson 5B: Make a rap.


(10 minutes)

Talk about how students would persuade other students to buy Fairtrade. What do they think would grab the attention of other people of their age group? Explain that they are going to make an ad for Dubble chocolate and the benefits of Fairtrade.

Main activity

(50 minutess)

Tell students that they are going to devise a TV advertisement for Comic Relief’s Fairtrade Dubble bar that draws on the people they have met and the things they have learned.

Divide the class into groups of five or six and distribute Printout: Dubble Vision Challenge and Printout: Samantha Mumba’s Dubble ad storyboard. Go through the brief with the whole class and guide them through the storyboard.

Distribute Printout: Blank storyboard. Ask students to agree their storyline and then to divide up the work on the storyboard between them – for example, one pair can come up with the script, one pair the drawing and one the technical information.

Once they are happy with their storyboard they can allocate roles and practise acting out their ad.


Perform ads in front of class or in an assembly. (back to top)