PA PA PAA: Teach About Fairtrade and Cocoa Comic relief KS2, KS3

Think: Pa Pa Paa! quiz

Answer quiz questions to consolidate knowledge.

Planning the lesson

extracting the beans_Emilie PerssonThis lesson involves a rapid, fun quiz game.

Delivery alternatives:

  • Run the lesson as a solo quiz, without teams: give the class 10-15 minutes to answer all questions before swapping sheets to mark them.
  • Use Interactive: Pa Pa Paa! quiz instead of or as well as the written quiz (it has different questions).


(5 minutes)

Tell students that this lesson is revision; designed to test their knowledge and understanding of everything they have learned about cocoa farmers, chocolate production and Fairtrade.

Give out one chocolate bar-shaped board and one set of small cards from Printout: Pa Pa Paa! quiz board and cards per team of three or four students. Students should place their cards blank side up. Invite students to give their team a chocolatey name. (back to top)

Main activity

(25 minutes)

Call out questions (or hand out Printout: Quiz questions to each team). Students confer and write down their choice of answer.

Read out the correct answer after each question. If a team is correct, one person in the team turns over a card and places it on the board where they think it is in the chocolate journey. Students can move cards later as others turn up.

When their board is full, the team all shout ‘Pa Pa Paa!’. Before announcing the winner, check from their written record that the winning team’s list of answers is correct, and that they have the order correct. Dole out prizes all round. (back to top)