Pa Pa Paa: Teach About Fairtrade and Cocoa Comic Relief

Bean to Bar Film

The film supports the Pa Pa Paa lesson plans.

Pa Pa Paa film

A 35 minute film explaining how cocoa is harvested, traded, processed and retailed. It is a concise, fast paced and entertaining introduction to the 'bean to bar' story of cocoa and Fairtrade chocolate.

It is a great way to introduce the whole topic, or to end a programme of work with a reminder of all the key themes.

It is divided into short sections:

  • Farming cocoa
  • Meet Mary and her sister on their cocoa farm
  • Kuapa Kokoo: what they do
  • Meet cocoa farmer Daniel
  • Meet Kuapa Kokoo Recorder, Michael
  • Fairtrade: the difference it makes
  • Chocolate production
  • Big business: the global cocoa industry
  • Kuapa Kokoo's own chocolate company
  • The Fairtrade market
  • Fairtrade in your school

The film is most suitable for Key Stage 3 but many sections are great for Key Stages 2 and 4 as well.