Pa Pa Paa: Teach About Fairtrade and Cocoa Comic Relief

DVD, photo pack and kit

The DVD and photo pack support the Pa Pa Paa lesson plans. The 'Be a Cocoa Farmer' kit is a kinaesthetic resource we developed for use with KS2 and younger.

Pa Pa Paa DVD

The DVD is a concise, fast paced and entertaining introduction to the whole bean to bar story of cocoa and Fairtrade chocolate. It is a great way to introduce the whole topic, or to end a programme of work with a reminder of all the key themes.

It is a 35 minute film explaining how cocoa is harvested, traded, processed and retailed.

It is divided into short sections:

  • Farming cocoa
  • Meet Mary and her sister on their cocoa farm
  • Kuapa Kokoo: what they do
  • Meet cocoa farmer Daniel
  • Meet Kuapa Kokoo Recorder, Michael
  • Fairtrade: the difference it makes
  • Chocolate production
  • Big business: the global cocoa industry
  • Kuapa Kokoo's own chocolate company
  • The Fairtrade market
  • Fairtrade in your school

The DVD is most suitable for Key Stage 3 but many sections are great for Key Stages 2 and 4 as well.

It costs £4, including postage and packing.

Pa Pa Paa photo pack

The photo pack contains 20 high quality A4 images illustrating the cocoa journey from bean to bar, other images of characters introduced on the website showing where they live and work, and an A3 poster of the Ghanaian village of Mim.

The photo pack costs £5, including postage and packing.

The photo pack supports the following lessons on this website:

  • Bean to bar
  • Living in Mim

The images from the photo pack are also available to download and print for free in the relevant lesson plans.


You can also buy the DVD and photo pack together for £8, including postage and packing.

How to order

You can purchase online with Paypal using the links above. Please ensure you provide the address to send the pack to.

You can also send a cheque made payable to 'Trading Visions'. Don't forget to let us know your name and address, and post to us at:
Trading Visions
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Be a Cocoa Farmer activity kit

Get younger children engaged with Fairtrade in a different and accessible way with our ‘Be a Cocoa Farmer’ activity kit.

Grab your machete, chop open your cocoa pod, harvest and dry your cocoa beans and think about the people on the other side of the world who do all the work that goes into your chocolate bar!

It costs £32 to rent out the kit for one week, which includes the cost of dropping it off and picking it up again.

To book the ‘Be a Cocoa Farmer’ activity kit, please contact us on